Aniin! Tansi! Hello!, my friends from near and a far!

It is with open arms and a warm welcoming that I introduce you all, to Nīīna Min-áw-shīn Lashes. “I am Beautiful Lashes” by me, Nina M.

My name is Nina McLellan, I am a 23 year old Anishinaabe woman from Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Manitoba. Which is located on Treaty 5 territory. I am a new mother, a full time nursing student, and long time entrepreneur.

I started my lash business, formally known as “Lux.LashBoss” in May2020, and rebranded myself for the new year, into something that is more, me. :) I have always had a love for makeup, and lashes. I have always supported my friends and fellow entrepreneurs in their businesses and decided to start my own Lash Line. I also own a wellness business on my reserve but we ain’t talking about that right now.

Nīīna Min-áw-shīn Lashes is dedicated to providing the best quality lashes and the best quality packaging! Each style is carefully handcrafted,and we are always working on developing new styles or accessories for our aunties and MAUs out there!

Nīīna Min-áw-shīn Lashes is strongly engaged and involved with the youth of Red Sucker Lake, and host activities for our youth, as there isn’t much to do there yet. So, you are not only supporting our small business, but a community behind it. Kīītcha Miigwetch for supporting, we can’t thank you enough.

Stay Deadly!

Xo- Nīīna

Miigwetch!(Thank you) for your support!